We welcome you for a unique treatment moment in a relaxing area dedicated to your well-being. O plaisir du Spa will give you back your most valuable possession: Time. Time to rediscover yourself, to have a break from your day. A physical and mental break for body and mind relaxation, in the hands of experts…


"Les Escales"

Treat yourself to 3h30 of pure indulgence with this mosaic of spa treatments. Get into relaxing mode with a steam bath, escape from everyday life under water while exfoliating your skin, moisturise yourself and indulge in a head-to-toe ritual, and, finally, smile and leave the salon invigorated by your facial treatment session.

"Les Evasions"

Real treatments for your body, to nourish, firm, repair or relax. Each getaway will offer different aromas and various effects depending on the active agents used. A minimum treatment time of 2h30 to relax and pamper your skin.


Facial Treatment Moments

A call for relaxation, beauty and vitality: «The Essential Ones» (individual treatments for all skin types), «The Anti-Ageing Ones» with toning, firming and anti-wrinkles active agents, «The Cocooning Ones» (facials with sculpting massage for arms and legs), «For Your Eyes Only» (relaxing anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle treatments), «For Him» (tailored energizing and anti-ageing treatments for men).

Hand and Foot Spa Treatments

Do you want perfectly moisturised and well-manicured hands? The Spa Treatments are for you! Warm cream for nail contouring to leave hands and nails more hydrated, a lemon essential oil scrub for a lightening effect, and even a paraffin mask treatment for long lasting nourishment. To care for your feet, we can suggest a more stimulating range with menthol and eucalyptus.