Find yourself in a cocoon of well-being where tranquillity and professionalism are combined to serve your beauty. All the classic beauty treatments and various formulas adapted to your desires are offered.

Hand and Foot Care

You want a perfect manicure? Choose semi-permanent nails, the brand "shellac" will satisfy you in the choice of colour and quality of your nails. If you need more efficient care, choose paraffin which will bring you an intense hydration of your hands or feet.

Do you know Mavex® foot care? A treatment that makes the skin on your feet as soft as a baby. Without a sander, active ingredients nibble away at dead skin cells deep down and the grater enhances the results. Try it once and you'll be delighted.

Our partner brands for your hands and feet are @Mavex,@LCN, @ArtdecoCosmetics.

LPG Endermologie treatment

Effective treatments to act on your skin. With the "Pro Expert" training, choose the expertise of our beauticians for a targeted treatment. Do you want to act on orange peel skin, watery cellulite, adipose tissue and/or loss of firmness?  Thanks to our partnership and the latest machine signed @LPG, this technique can only seduce you!

Based on the principle of cellular stimulation, the CELLU M6® Alliance technologies make it possible to mobilize healthy tissue beyond the capacity of the hand. In aesthetic use (endermology®), LPG's patented treatment heads deliver intense but still pleasant stimulation to the skin's surface to reactivate natural physiological processes in depth.

For the skin of your face, a stimulation of your own collagen and elastin fibres will, in 1 session, plump up, give radiance and smooth out the most tired skins. The packages will allow you to maintain these results over time.

Firming and slimming treatments

They are ideal for those who like manual techniques. The anti-cellulite and firming modelling is "tonic" and works on the appearance of your skin, which, as the sessions progress, will gain in firmness and a less "padded" appearance.

Do your legs suffer from the summer heat, are you on your feet all day and do you walk around?  The heavy legs massage or the cryo-modelling wraps are for you!

Making it beautiful

With the self-make-up courses, beautifying yourself will be a breeze! Learn how to apply make-up for everyday use or in a more sophisticated way? With @artdecocosmetics products, make-up will no longer hold any secrets for you!

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, a wedding, a party, the team will be happy to do your make-up.

Going on holiday? Why not opt for an eyelash perm and tint? No more problems when swimming and a beautiful look when you wake up without make-up. Perfect for light eyes and short lashes.

Hair Removal

A special wax for sensitive skin with "honeycomb" strips for gentle removal.